Best Nyama Choma Joints Along Ngong Road

Here is a list of the Best Nyama Choma Joints along Ngong Road. Nyama choma is a part of Kenyan culture. Roasting meat over fire is a common way of cooking meat and just like any other country, Kenyans have their way of doing it. Goat meat is usually used to make nyama choma, however, chicken, lamb and beef can be used as well.

Kenyans have a strong preference for meat over any other food. This is evident in the numerous Nyama Choma establishments that line Ngong Road for commuters, as well as high-end restaurants located in Karen. Despite the abundance of these establishments throughout Ngong Road, only a select few offer top-notch services and excellent deals. Without much ado, let us look at the best Nyama Choma Joints along Ngong Road.

List Of Best Nyama Choma Joints Along Ngong Road

1. Jiweke Tavern

Jiweke Tavern is a popular eatery located along Ngong Road that serves mouth-watering nyama choma. The restaurant is a favourite among meat lovers who flock here for generous portions of pork, goat, or beef platters that are simply too big to finish on your own. The restaurant’s open and inviting ambience has a welcoming atmosphere, and it is an excellent space for kids. Jiweke Tavern is open from 8 am until late at night and provides ample parking space. The restaurant is committed to offering its customers delicious cuisine at affordable prices, so you can expect to get more for less.

2. Red House Grill

Red House Grill located in Karen is one of the best Nyama Choma joints in Nairobi. It is an iconic meeting place for people from different walks of life. From small to big office parties to casual lunches, this place has brought many Nairobians together. The signature aroma of meat cuts being roasted on the restaurant’s grill explains why this place is always crowded.

Although the car parking space appears adequate, sometimes vehicles are parked on the roadside when the hotel is too busy. What draws most city dwellers to this place is the fact that it offers subtle, delicious, and tasty grilled goat and chicken platters. Visit any of its four branches located in Kilimani, Upperhill, Hurlingham, and Karen to enjoy great nyama choma.

3. The Office Ngong

An oasis of tranquillity and quiet, this place serves one of the best goat meat. It’s a great spot to stop by if you’re planning to go hiking or ziplining at Ngong Hills. The staff are friendly, warm and welcoming, and the Nyama Choma (grilled meat) is always tender. You’ll never get enough of it, especially after a vigorous activity like hiking. It’s best to have ugali with the Nyama Choma.

Ngong residents and anyone who has stopped here on their way to hike or zip-line at Ngong Hills would agree that this place has the best Mbuzi Choma. They have different vendors who sell different types of meat like pork, beef, chicken and goat. Don’t forget to ask for Kachumbari ya Avocado (a salad made with onions, tomatoes, chilli peppers, and avocados).


4. Rib Racks at Hunters, Karen

Located at Hunters’ one-stop centre in the Karen, Rib Racks offers the best honey-glazed pork ribs. It is owned by the Pit Masters who also have three more locations in Pelican Village on Kiambu Road, Ngong Soko, and Naivasha opposite Buffalo Mall. A kilogram of pork goes for Ksh1,000.

5. GMC Choma Ranch and Pizzeria

GMC Choma Ranch and Pizzeria is a new restaurant located at Waterfront Mall in Karen. It is known for its delicious Nyama choma and pizza. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will notice its unique ambience and beautiful decor that will make you want to stay longer. Before you explore the inside of the restaurant, you will come across a unique pizza setup. Here, you can enjoy your Nyama choma with ugali, chips, or mukimo while admiring the man-made lake right in front of you. If it gets cold outside, don’t worry – GMC Karen has installed a fire pit to keep you warm.

GMC’s Nyama choma, also known as Grilltopia, is locally sourced and grilled to perfection. The restaurant is family-friendly, so you can bring your little ones to enjoy the delicious food. While you wait for your meal, your children can have fun at GMC’s Play Area, which features exciting games like VR, PS4, block-building, and more.

6. Eagle Peak Spur Steak Ranch

Eagle Peak Spur is a steak house located at the Hub Karen. They serve mouthwatering char-grilled meat that will leave you craving for more. Their meat is locally sourced and carefully prepared to cater to the whole family. If you’re a fan of char-grilled ribs, we recommend visiting Eagle Peak Spur on Thursdays when you can enjoy as much as you want for only Ksh 2700.

7. Mbuzi Munch

Mbuzi Munch is a popular Nyama Choma restaurant located at Galleria Mall along Lang’ata Road. As the name suggests, it prides itself on serving some of the best Nyama Choma in Karen. The restaurant is known for using free-range goats that are raised with care and only served at a minimum weight of 13 Kg. The goats are all young, and this ensures that the meat is tender and succulent.

If you visit Mbuzi Munch’s official website, you’ll find plenty of information about the restaurant and its food. They are proud to share their preparation process, which involves infusing the meat with a special blend of spices and herbs before barbecuing it. This brings out the authentic Kenyan Nyama Choma taste that locals and visitors alike love. Mbuzi Munch has a diverse menu that caters to different tastes and preferences. You can choose to dine in, take away your order, or have it delivered to you. Whatever your choice, you’re guaranteed to enjoy some of the best Nyama Choma in town.

8. The Big Smoke Karen

If you travel along the bustling Ngong Road, you are likely to come across the Big Smoke Restaurant as you approach Karen. The restaurant prides itself on being the hub for delicious smoked meats and other exquisite dishes. Although it has only been in operation for one year, it has already won the hearts of Nyama Choma enthusiasts from Karen and beyond.

Inside, the restaurant offers various seating arrangements to cater to different preferences. Families usually go for the practical bench seating, while those on solo dates can opt for the high seats in the centre of the bar. The Big Smoke is spacious, and diners can watch the chefs at work as they wait for their meals. The Big Smoke celebrates the love of Nyama Choma among Kenyans. The meals are served in a clean and family-friendly environment, where the main dining area has no television to encourage family bonding. However, it is also a great place for sports and live music lovers.

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