Redhill Karting: Everything You Need To Know

Here is everything you need to know about Redhill Karting. Located in Redhill, just off Limuru Road, and next to Bustani Gardens in Kianjogu, RedHill Karting is the perfect spot to enjoy the fun and excitement of go-karting while admiring the breathtaking view of tea plantations and Nairobi city from a distance.

Go-karting is an activity that everyone should try at some point in their life. It is the perfect way to spend a weekend or celebrate a special occasion. Redhill Karting promises an unforgettable experience you will cherish forever, whether you are an experienced racer or a beginner looking to venture into motorsports.

Redhill Karting location

RedHill Karting is easily accessible by both public and private means. If using public means, board Matatu Number 114 at Khoja and alight at the Bustani Gardens stage. If you’re using private means, you can access the place via Limuru Road or the Northern Bypass. To ensure a smooth trip, we recommend using Google Maps.

Redhill Karting Go Karting

RedHill Karting boasts beautifully manicured gardens, breathtaking views, and an inviting racetrack. The landscape is awe-inspiring, and the track will have you hooked from the moment you set foot on it. It’s the perfect place to experience both greatness and adventure simultaneously.

The murals of race cars adorning the fence surrounding the property, the winding race track, and the manicured lawns will greet you. The track overlooks rolling hills, lush tea farms, and the Nairobi cityscape in the distance. The racing theme is apparent throughout the property, from the decor to the menu items at the restaurant. With its beautifully manicured gardens, breathtaking views, and fantastic racetrack, RedHill Karting is the definition of both greatness and adventure at the same time.

Redhill Karting Experience

The process of checking in at Redhill Karting is straightforward and stress-free. You can choose your preferred racing duration, which is either 10, 20, or 30 minutes, depending on your preference for an adrenaline rush. The karting experience starts at 11 am and goes on until 7 pm Once you have paid, you need to sign waivers and receive a short briefing on the safety rules and instructions. Additionally, the facility provides all racers with overalls, gloves, and helmets and also offers assistance if you find yourself stuck on the track.

When you slide behind the wheel of a go-kart, you enter a world of speed, precision, and competition. The karts are designed to suit both beginners and those with a need for speed. Safety marshals are available at various points on the track to ensure that you are safe throughout the experience.

As you get started, the green flag drops, and the sound of engines fills the air. The feeling of acceleration and the rush of wind against your face is an electrifying experience. The karts are low to the ground, which connects you to the track, making every twist and turn a thrilling challenge. This creates an intense feeling of connection that immerses you in a world where reflexes and strategy combine, and racing against your friends becomes an addiction.

As the final lap comes to an end and the checkered flag is waved, you experience an indescribable rush of emotions. You can gather with friends and relive the entire experience, from daring maneuvers to near-misses and victorious overtakes. This shared camaraderie turns the thrilling activity into a memory that binds you closer. The experience is not just about racing; it’s also about creating lasting connections and celebrating the joy of the journey. The facility also shares the results of your fastest and slowest laps, which is an exciting way to end the day.

Redhill Karting Restaurant

RedHill Karting boasts a delightful restaurant right on the premises. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, the restaurant is open from 11 am until 9:00 pm, offering delicious fare to refuel after your karting adventures. The restaurant has snacks, drinks, and a sitting area with a great view. It is a good spot to spectate and catch the sunset.

There is also a fascinating dome that can hold up to 10 people if you want to hang out in a private cube.

Redhill Karting Prices


10 Minutes: Kshs 2,500

20 Minutes: Kshs 4,500

30 Minutes: Kshs 6,500

Groups of 10 and more people: 10% off on weekends and 20% off on weekdays

Redhill Karting Opening Hours

Redhill Karting is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 am to 7 pm. They remain closed on Mondays.

Redhill Karting Contacts

Phone: 0717 800 120 

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