Tropical Gardens (TG) Ruiru Entry Charges

In this article, we will look at Tropical Gardens (TG) Ruiru entry charges. Tropical Gardens is located in Toll Station, just after Kimbo. To be precise, take a left turn once you are at Toll Station, at the Zebra Crossing.

Located on the banks of the magnificent Lake Ruiru, Tropical Gardens is a calm park renowned for its riot of colour. It is among Ruiru’s greatest locations for a picnic. You have plenty of room and peace to explore the large garden. You will not be constrained to a certain area. Because of the large Lake Ruiru, this is a great spot if you love the outdoors.

You get an opportunity to interact with water and its breeze without being interrupted by noise from vehicles and other machines, as is the case in any city. The garden ensures a rich outdoor life necessitated by its location along the lake. You should know that this is just a garden. Therefore, there are no restaurants here. It’s a place to relax with your loved ones. There are chairs, tents, and lawns for you to enjoy the ambience.

Tropical Gardens Activities and Charges

1. Picnicking

Tropical Gardens accepts foods and drinks from outside as long as they are not alcoholic. Tropical Gardens is an excellent picnic spot due to the beautiful green grass and numerous shade choices given by the trees.

2. View the Dam

Tropical Gardens is located next to a gorgeous dam with breathtaking views. The dam also provides a refreshing breeze, particularly on hot afternoons. If you are seeking a picnic spot overlooking a dam in Ruiru, look no further than Tropical Gardens.

3. Boat Riding

Boat riding is a typical pastime in tropical gardens. The fees for riding a boat at the site vary depending on how far you wish to go.

  • Boat rides cost Ksh 250 per adult, and for children under the age of 2, they are free.
  • Speed boats cost Ksh 1000 per adult

4. Hold an Event

Tropical Gardens is also a great venue for birthdays, baby showers, wedding showers, and surprise parties. The garden is vast, with evergreen grass and a variety of shade choices, including trees and tents.

5. Enjoy Lunch at a Floating Gazebo

Tropical Gardens is one of the best places to eat meals in a floating gazebo. If you are seeking a romantic area in Ruiru, look no further than this location.

Other Activities to do at Tropical Gardens

  • Play Ball Games
  • Take Nature Walks
  • Birdwatching
  • Basking Under the Sun
  • Fishing

Tropical Gardens Entry Charges

Category Charges
Adults KES 350
Children KES 100

The charges above apply only when you are setting up the picnic spot for yourself. In case you would like to hire the services of experts to set up a picnic spot for you, the charges are Ksh 150.

Tropical Gardens Groups Entry Charges

Group Packages Charges
20-30 people Ksh 10,000
30-50 people Ksh 15,000
60-80 people Ksh 20,000
80 people & above Ksh 35,000

The packages above are inclusive of chairs, tables, a power connection, photography services, and a tent.

Tropical Gardens Contacts

Phone: +(254) 701 594 950

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