Torok Waterfalls Hiking Guide 2024

Torok is a waterfall located along the escarpment in the Great Rift Valley, on the south side of Iten. Iten has become a pilgrimage destination for world-class athletes from all over the world seeking to improve their athletic performance in the region that continues to produce the most world record holders. Lorna Kiplagat’s High Altitude Training Centre (HATC), the first facility of its kind set up specifically to nurture athleticism, is located at 2,400 metres above sea level and provides visitors with a glimpse into the daily lives and routines of Kenya’s World Champions.

There is more to Iten than athletic training and brushing shoulders with world-class athletes. Because of its location on the escarpment’s edge, it provides numerous excellent views down into Kerio Valley. The Torok waterfalls, which cascade down the escarpment to join the Kerio River, provide excellent hiking opportunities as well as the opportunity to meet and interact with the local Keiyo community.

How do you get to Torok Waterfalls?

There are three main ways to get to Torok Waterfalls.

  • Public means

If using public means from Nairobi, take Eldoret buses from Machakos Country bus station or shuttles from their stage off Haile Selassie Road near the Nairobi Railway Station. From Eldoret, take Iten Matatus. At Iten Town, you’ll find plenty of accommodation options. The next day, get Kabarnet matatus from Iten and alight at the junction to Torok Primary School, about 17km from Iten.

  • Private means

If driving from Nairobi, use Nakuru Road on the upper escarpment, and drive past Nakuru to Eldoret. Turn right onto Iten Road and drive for about 35km to Iten. The total distance of this route is about 410km. Alternatively, from Nakuru, branch off to the right onto the road to Marigat. At Marigat, turn left onto the road to Kabarnet. Follow this road past Kabarnet up to Iten. This route is about 347km from Nairobi.

From Iten, take Kabarnet Road and drive for about 17km till you see a signpost on your right for Torok Primary School. Turn onto this dirt road and find a spot to park. If you find yourself at the Kolol viewpoint, you’ve gone too far. Turn back and drive for about 1km to the Torok School turnoff.

The total distance from Nairobi through Eldoret, to this hike starting point is about 430km. There is an alternative route from Nairobi through Marigat and Kabarnet, with a total distance of 347km to Iten. You’ll then drive back 17 kilometres from Iten to the hike starting point, assuming you’ll need to do this the following day.

Torok Falls Entry Fees

There are no charges to access Torok Falls.

Torok Falls Hike

As you drive down the escarpment from the lofty heights of Iten town towards Kabarnet, you can’t miss the impressively high Torok Waterfalls to your right, about 17km into your descent. With a whopping height of 150m, the Torok Waterfalls command attention, with many visitors regularly stopping at the Kolol viewpoint for a glimpse of this magnificent natural feature.

How to Prepare for the Hike

  • Engage in active cardio exercises such as aerobics, walking, running, cycling, and swimming, among others, the week before the event.
  • Set aside the day before the hike for resting—take a break from exercise.
  • Increase your hydration for at least two days before the hike.
  • The purpose is to get enough rest the night before the hike.
  • If on intermittent fasting or a diet, take a break in the period one day before and after the hike. This way, you will build up your energy reserves for the arduous task ahead.
  • Cut your toenails.
  • Have a generous breakfast at least 3 hours before the start of the hike. This ensures that most of the food has been digested by the time you begin the hike, giving you much-needed energy while ensuring your stomach is not too full for comfort.
  • Use the bathroom before leaving the house to reduce the need for bathroom breaks on the commute.
  • Set your mind to conquering yourself. Hiking is more about your mindset than your physical preparation. Once you win the battle in your mind, everything else contributes less than 10%. You can do it!

What do you need?

  • Sunscreen: Your skin will feel the burn if you do.
  • Warm, layered clothing. It can get very cold, windy and hot too
  • Closed, comfortable shoes with a strong grip
  • 2 to 3 litres of drinking water & dry snacks
  • Hat: The sun can be scorching
  • Good company and excitement.
  • Mobile money (M-PESA) and cash.
  • Camera: Capture the moments
Torok Falls Route Description

The Iten-Kabarnet Road dirt track cuts through farms as it heads to Torok waterfalls in a southbound direction. The dramatic escarpment wall dominates the view ahead of you, stretching kilometres to the left and right. Its kaleidoscope of colours is stunning, with the green hues of the nascent forest cover racing to conquer the escarpment’s plunging red and grey rock faces. In the middle of this view, the thin silver line of the Torok waterfalls holds its own as it cascades down the escarpment, enticing you to get closer with the promise of a fine spray and possibly a dip if you are so inclined.

The adventure starts by reaching the start of the hike through a four-wheel-drive road. Under the guidance of a local, you hike for 3 km to the bottom of the impressive waterfall (200 metres high), where you enjoy a wide view of the Great Rift Valley. This tour can be started at any time of the day. The journey to reach the bottom of the waterfall is initiated from Iten on the road going down the Great Rift Valley. Before reaching Kolol View Point, the vehicle leaves the tarmac road to take a 4-wheel driveway.

After 6 km of being driven on that path, you reach the starting point of the hike, where a local guide takes you in charge. He guides you through the small village of Toror, which counts as a primary school. The area is rarely visited, so the trail is often overgrown. It also gets very rocky as you get closer to the base of the waterfall. As you start feeling the spray from the water, the boulders at the base get treacherously slippery. To avoid getting drenched, you take advantage of every boulder you can shelter behind as you cautiously heave yourself up the last section to stand barely 20 metres below the waterfalls. If getting wet is not an issue, there is an inviting pool below the waterfalls. The walking distance from the Iten-Kabarnet Road junction is about 7km, so the round trip is about 14km and should take you about 4-5 hours of hiking.

The spectacular views along the hike certainly help to take your mind off the pretty steep slopes as you climb upward. At the base of the falls, there are plenty of nice spots to sit, take a breather, and enjoy the beautiful waterfall. As well as the impressive views out over the Great Rift Valley.

Do you need a guide to hike Torok Falls?

If you are not familiar with Torok Falls or you are hiking solo, it is advisable to get a guide. To arrange a visit, call Timothy at +254725 167285.

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