The Trout Tree Restaurant In Nanyuki: Amazing Getaway

The trout fish restaurant, a 2.5hr drive from Nairobi – is built within a gigantic fig tree, and located along the Burguret River, right by the western slopes of Mt Kenya; it is 13km away from Nanyuki town. With a huge trout skeleton acting as the restaurant insignia, it’s not hard to miss while driving along the main Kiganjo Nanyuki road.

The entrance to the restaurant immediately after leaving the highway is a rough road. It gives that safari-getaway vibe. As you walk down the stone steps leading to the Trout Tree Restaurant, you are suddenly confronted by a massive fig tree. From the foot of the steps, a wooden walkway leads you to the dining area which consists of two levels of platforms cleverly constructed around the fig tree. The fig tree is considered sacred by the local Kikuyu community. 

As you walk up the tree to get seated you are welcomed by some of the nicest waiting staff, you can’t help but notice the perfect serene ambience that envelopes the entire place. Comfy couches are nestled nicely at the far end of the restaurant and dining tables set up meticulously invite you for a great time ahead with your friends/family.

The restaurant’s seating arrangement is simple, with individual tables and rustic booths under canvas awnings. There are no walls, so guests have a 360-degree view of the forest scenery. Since the restaurant is outdoors, the ambience is natural, with the sound of the river flowing and wind blowing through the lush vegetation giving a sense of serenity. The water of the river, which flows from Mt Kenya, is so cold that the restaurant cools its crates of beer directly in the river.

You can see the over 20 fishponds down below filled with hundreds of fish. What you will love the most is the whole setting. The water from the river feeds directly into each fishpond. It then runs out from the fishponds and back into the river. That way, the fish always has fresh water constantly.

Take note of the resident Colobus monkeys who are notorious for pinching food off your plate when no one’s watching and cute Tree Hyrax who roam about, giving the restaurant a perfect ‘in the wild’ feel.

Come here ready to get your hands dirty because one of the main attractions of the dining experience here is doing actual fishing for the trout you will eventually eat if you’re as lucky. 

This was a favourite haunt of the former US Ambassador to Kenya, Smith Hempstone. In the old days, the famous American Actress Stephanie Powers used to delight in the chef’s creations at the restaurant.

Trout Fish Restaurant Menu

The menu is quite simple which helps one not waste time because generally, everyone is here for the perfectly char-grilled Trout. If it’s a repeat visit, you may want to try something else like the Lamb, Salmon Sashimi, various pasta, pizza and vegetarian dishes.

The restaurant serves fresh Rainbow trout from the trout ponds below, char-grilled to perfection. The menu also includes prime Laikipia beef, and vegetarian options, while a kids’ menu is available on the weekends. The pizza oven is fired up to offer a variety of delicious pizzas. They also offer Dawa Cocktails. Dawa (medicine’ in Swahili) was invented in Kenya and is made from vodka, sugar, crushed ice cubes, lime slices and honey all mixed together.

60 people can sit comfortably in the restaurant trying to keep their food secure from the two troupes of resident Colobus Monkeys. You can also get a glimpse of the tree hyrax and the abundant bird life in the surrounding trees.

They do not sell juices in packs. The drinks are highly-priced, like every restaurant here in Kenya, but at least there should be an option of buying a whole box of juice for sharing. Also, they do not serve Ugali. If you love your fish with ugali, this might be a disappointment for you.

Trout Fish Restaurant Opening Hours

The restaurant operates strictly from 10 am to 4:30 pm, every day.

Trout Fish Restaurant Contacts

Restaurant enquiries and reservations

Call John on +254 (0) 726 281 704


Trout Fish Restaurant Cottages

For those wanting a fuller experience, there is the option of booking a night at the Creaky Cottage. Nestled in the lower end of the Tamtrout Trout Farm, Creaky Cottage provides a memorable getaway venue. Set in a tranquil corner, the Burguret River loops around the cottage on three sides. This self-contained cottage sleeps up to 6 people, with two double bedrooms and two single beds set in the attic room accessed by a ladder. Creaky Cottage is so named because it is built around a huge evergreen Podo tree that towers over and shelters the house. It’s Creaky by name, creaky by nature.

It is self-catering only, but for those who would rather not cook, meals can be ordered from the restaurant.

PLEASE NOTE – Arrangements for breakfast and evening meals should be made in advance as the restaurant closes at 4.30 pm.

Creaky Cottage Booking

Self-Catered Cottage

Call John on:+254 (0) 726 281 704


The Trout Tree Restaurant is a must-visit on any trip to Laikipia. The restaurant must be resplendent in the sun and the heat. A heavenly shaded place for cool wines and good food. By the way, there is a playground hidden around the trunk of the tree.

Trout Tree Restaurant also remains to this day the largest commercial trout farm in East Africa. They have a hatchery, 10 small fry fishponds, four medium-sized fingerling ponds, and 21 large ponds.

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