List Of Best Team Building Venues In Nairobi

Here is a list of the best team-building venues in Nairobi. Nairobi is home to various places where these team-building activities can be undertaken, ranging from outdoor activities like paintballing, racing, and hikes to indoor activities like board games, charades, and trivia.

Team building is one of the best ways to enhance social relations with your employees, colleagues, or friends As important as team building is, finding a suitable venue that offers the best services for such activities is essential as well. Therefore, we will provide you with the best team-building venues in Nairobi. 

Best Team-Building Venues In Nairobi

Team Building Venues in Kiambu Road

  • Evergreen Park, Kiambu Rd
  • Sagret Gardens, Thindigua
  • Royal Gardenia, Kiambu Rd
  • Paradise Lost (Runda)
  • Elysian Resort, Runda
  • Oak Place Hotel, Ridgeways
  • Phoenicia Hotel, Thindigua
  • Windsor Golf Club, Bypass
  • Eden Bliss Hotel, Bypass
  • Barclays Sports Club, Survey
  • Safaripark Hotel, Thika Rd
  • Hotel La Mada, Thika Rd
  • Sportsview Hotel, Kasarani

Team-Building Venues in Limuru and Kikuyu

  • Oak Ridge Gardens, Limuru
  • Brackenhurst Hotel, Tigoni
  • Thayu Farm Hotel, Tigoni
  • Jumuia Conference, Limuru
  • Limuru Country Club, Tigoni
  • Sigona Golf Club, Kikuyu
  • Dam Redhill Gardens, Limuru
  • Kilimo Grand Resort, Kikuyu
  • La Cascada Gardens, Ruaka
  • Sahara West Hotel, Ruaka
  • Karura Forest, Ruaka
  • Levilla Garden Resort, Kikuyu

Team-Building Venues in Langata and Karen

  • Botanical Gardens, Langata
  • Hotel Troy, Langata
  • Steadmark Gardens, Karen
  • Dari Restaurant, Karen
  • Oloolua Resort, Karen
  • Tamarind Tree, Langata
  • The Carnivore, Langata
  • Karen Country Lodge
  • Methodist Guest House
  • KCB Leadership Center

Team-Building Venues in Kitengela

  • Galaxy Resort, Kitengela
  • Nkasiri Adventure Park, Kitengela
  • Grays Oak Hotel, Kitengela
  • Leleshwa Getaways, Kitengela
  • Tumaini Gardens, Isinya
  • Freds Ranch, Isinya
  • Lerrruat Log Resort, Kajiado
  • Enchula Resort, Kajiado
  • Saab Royale Resort, Kajiado

Team-Building Venues in Rongai

  • Asyana Gardens, Rongai
  • The Smith Hotel, Rongai
  • Acacia Tree, Rongai
  • Game View Hotel, Rongai
  • Osoita Lodge, Rongai
  • Acacia Lodge, Rongai
  • Rolfs Place Hotel, Rongai
  • Masai Lodge, Rongai

Team-Building Venues in Athi River

  • Last Village Resort, Athi River
  • Lukenya Getaway, Athi River
  • Greenpark Hotel, Athi River
  • Maanzoni Lodge, Athi River
  • Stoni Athi Resort, Athi River
  • Swara Acacia Lodge, Athi River
  • Starling Bird Hotel, Athi River
  • Athi Holiday Resort, Athi River

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