Maasai Ostrich Farm, Kitengela I All You Need To Know

In this article, we will look at all you need to know before visiting Maasai Ostrich Farm in Kitengela. Just half an hour’s drive from the city centre and 10 minutes from the Kitengela-Namanga highway is the Maasai Ostrich farm. Maasai Ostrich Farm which is around 37 kilometres from Nairobi. Sitting on almost 200 acres, the farm has dozens of ostriches. This is a great place to go and ride an ostrich or have it for lunch. The workers will help you up on the ostrich back and you will have a controlled ride around the shed.

The Maasai Ostrich Farm, East Africa’s largest commercial hub for ostrich farming, was established in 1991. Named after the semi-nomadic ethnic group living in the area, the farm ships feathers, meat, skins, and ostriches throughout Kenya and abroad. Around 1000 birds of two breeds are maintained: the blue-neck or Somali ostrich and the Maasai ostrich, which has a pink neck and legs.

The farm borders the Kitengela Game Conservation a protected area populated with black rhino buffalo, giraffe, eland, Maasai giraffe, black rhino, impala, Grant’s and Thomson’s gazelles, common and defassa waterbucks, warthog, olive baboons, monkeys and preying carnivores – lion, spotted hyenas, jackals, cheetahs, bat-eared foxes as well as other smaller carnivores.

Ostrich Farm Kitengela Directions

You will drive on the Mombasa road and take a right turn at the athi river junction underpass onto the Namanga, Drive some 15 km on the Namanga road and turn right at the Masai Ostrich farm signage. It’s 4km from the turn-off into the ostrich farm resort.

Ostrich Farm Kitengela Entrance Fees

Once you arrive at the Ostrich Farm there are two options for things to do with the Ostriches besides eat them. You can tour the Ostrich Farm and you can ride the Ostrich. They have two different types of ostriches at the farm with is the Maasai Ostrich (red in colour) and the Somali Ostrich with is blue in colour.

  • Ride an Ostrich:  Ksh 500 for both Adults & Children 
  • Guided Farm Tour: Ksh Farm: 300 for Adults & Ksh 150 for Children 
  • Swimming: Ksh 300 for Adults & Ksh 150 for Children 
  • Team Building: Ksh 800 for Adults & Ksh 500 for Children
  • Camping: Ksh 1000 for Adults & Ksh 500 for Children

NOTE: Package For Schools

  • Swimming/ Guided Tour/ Ostrich Ride: Ksh 500

Kitengela Ostrich Farm Activities

1. Guided Farm Tour

The tour of the farm takes almost half an hour depending on how inquisitive you are and what picture opportunities you will get out of your tour. It is very interesting seeing ostriches in different stages of growth and sizes. Ostrich products are available for sale. An ostrich is slaughtered at 8 months because the quality and taste of its meat are achieved during that period of growth. There is also the opportunity to view and hand-feed the ostriches, and if the weather is good, you can even take an ostrich ride.

The workers have to hold on to the bird as there are no saddles to secure you on its back. Ostriches have also been known to have a mind of their own once mounted and you can easily find yourself on the dust if the handlers were to let go. There is also a weight limit of 75 kg and below. Sorry if you weigh above that, you won’t have a ride on the birds. They don’t want to hurt their birds while offering the rides.

Visit Masai ostrich farm day tour can be done in the morning or the afternoon and can include lunch at their restaurant with their speciality ostrich grilled or fried meats.

2. Ostrich Rides

Maasai ostrich farm presents one of the most unique rides in East Africa. Guests have a chance to have a secure ride on trained ostriches under the guidance of our experienced instructors. The ostriches are trained to be ridden and over the weekends, especially on Sundays, there are ostrich races, another must-watch activity. There are specially trained jockeys who race these animals. On a good day, you will be able to spot a few animals like zebras, giraffes, antelopes and even buffaloes at the Kitengela Conservation Area.

3. Swimming

Maasai ostrich farm has a swimming pool where guests have an opportunity to cool down after enjoying other farm activities. The swimming pool is located a few yards from the ostrich riding court. One can have an ostrich ride and move directly to the swimming pool.

4. Picnics and Team building

Ostrich Farm has a special picnic garden where guests get to catch up and relax. It is a serene paradise and haven of peace teeming with all species of birds and trees. The cool savannah breeze that aerates the garden gives it a memorable destination for meditation and rest from the hustles of city life.

The picnic ground equally accommodates swings and slides where the kids may play and that makes it more family-friendly The farm equally has an abundance of space and time to host groups’ activities like team building. The farm has football, volleyball, badminton and a long tennis court where one can play. The farm allows game kits from outside just in case there is a need. Head there and have a healthy team experience in such facilities.

5. Wedding Ground

Maasai Ostrich Farm has a stylish wedding ground offering an opportunity for couples to celebrate their marriages next to ostriches. The wedding ground is a highly coveted scenery for a garden wedding. Painted with nice flowers and structures in the background, the garden welcomes potential guests at affordable rates

6. Camping

Maasai ostrich farm is also a destination for campers, it provides a suitable and well-secured camping ground with the required facilities like water and electricity. Morning brooming calls from ostrich cocks give the camping site a jungle taste for bushcraft. The farm allows individuals and group campers as well as camping gear such as tents. The campsite accommodates schools and colleges as well and most importantly at an affordable rate.

7. Eating Ostrich Meat

If you are a foodie or have a taste for exotic flavours, eating ostrich meat may make your trip worthwhile. An interesting fact about this is that because ostriches do not have breast meat, only the thighs are available for consumption. Due to the scarcity of ostrich game meat, the meal does not cost less than Ksh 1,000.

Ostrich Choma Costs

  • 1/4 Kg: Ksh 1,500
  • 1/2 Kg: Ksh 3,000
  • 1 Kg: Ksh 5,000

8. Shop for Ostrich Products

They also have a shop that features products made from ostrich by-products including shoes from ostrich skin, beautifully decorated ostrich eggs, ostrich feather dusters, nice ostrich skin handbags and wallets, ostrich leather seats, leather jackets, portfolio holders and many others.

Ostrich Farm Resort Accommodation

The resort offers an interesting outing for an overnight stay with accommodation in six cottages, each with four separate rooms, at a cost of Ksh 10,500 full board for two people sharing or staying in the tents at Ksh 5,000 full board for two people sharing. Alternatively, make it a day trip during which you can have a quick tour of the farm and hop on an ostrich’s back for a hair-raising ride.

Ostrich Farm Kitengela Contacts

Phone: +254 790314540, +254 701925971

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