Nyeri Museum Entrance Fees

In this article, we look at Nyeri Museum Entrance Fees. The Nyeri Museum is a history museum located in Nyeri, Kenya. The museum is dedicated to the history of Kenya and the Kikuyu culture.

The goal of constructing this structure was to centralise cases in a customary system of justice in the Colony of Kenya. Due to the increase in cases, an additional hall was built because the courtroom was unable to handle so many cases; civil cases were held in the first courtroom, while criminal cases were held in the second. After the construction of the Nyeri Law Courts in the 1970s, this building became obsolete and was later used as a meeting hall by the Nyeri Municipal Council. Control of the building was transferred to the National Museums of Kenya in 1997. At the time, the National Museums of Kenya decided to renovate the building. The museum was designated national property in 2001.

Google collaborated with the National Museums of Kenya in November 2019, and one of its programmes included an adapted version of Google Street View of the Nyeri museum, which allows visitors to virtually tour the museum’s rooms.

The museum houses handcrafted weapons, iron shields, and Mau Mau helmets. The museum also houses a passbook that the British used to control the movement of various groups of people, including the Kikuyu, Meru, and Embu. The museum contains exhibits about Kenya’s independence struggle. The museum houses portraits of Tom Mboya and Pio Gama Pinto, as well as exhibits about women’s roles in Kenyan history. The museum also has a collection of Askaris photographs. The museum houses colonial-era helmets and shields, as well as bricks made by Aguthi Works Camp detainees. The museum also has colonial-era helmets and shields.

Nyeri Museum Entry Fees

Entrance to the Museum is free.

Nyeri Museum Contacts

Curator: Ms Wambui Nelly Mwangi
E-mail: nmwangi@museums.or.ke
Phone: +254715414241

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