Mama Nilishe: Nairobi’s Best Swahili Restaurant (Review)

In this article, we take a review of Mama Nilishe, Nairobi’s best and most affordable Swahili Restaurant. Mama Nilishe is located in Mall 66 which is opposite Adlife Plaza and immediately after Yaya Center, Kilimani. Mama Nilishe Restaurant has become a standout in Nairobi’s food scene for all the right reasons. It has become a favourite spot for many due to its authentic Swahili cuisine, welcoming ambience, affordable prices, and accessibility.

The restaurant has an outdoor dining area as well as a spacious and comfortable indoor dining area. It is well-lit, and airy, with artificial plants hanging from the see-through ceiling, making it look stunning. The ambience of the restaurant is warm and inviting, with a simple yet elegant décor that allows the food to take centre stage. Diners can also watch their food being prepared thanks to the open kitchen concept, which adds to the overall experience.

Mama Nilishe Restaurant Menu

Mama Nilishe’s menu is extensive and varied, with something for everyone. From traditional Swahili dishes like biryani and pilau to coastal specialities like grilled fish and prawns. The menu also has mahamri, viazi karai, vitumbua and samosa, Mama Nilishe cuts across all tastes. Be it a quick snack or a serious lunch to leave your belly full all will be granted. The menu has something for everyone.

Recommended Dishes

Kebab, Tamarind Juice, Coconut Milk Fish, Rice and Chicken Curry, Chapati Na Samaki WA Kupaka, Samosas, Chicken Biryani, Doughnuts, Beef Pilau, Pineapple Mint Juice and Passion Juice, Beef Stew and Rice, Withdrawal Soup, Coconut Fish Curry and Pilau.

They also have Mabuyu, Kashata, Achari and Labania. You can ask the staff what they have and you can get it for takeaway. They have Mahamri, Mitai, Doughnuts, Icecream, and types of Teas.

Mama Nilishe Prices

Mama Nilishe offers authentic Swahili cuisine at reasonable prices. This makes it accessible to everyone, regardless of budget. For instance, Chicken Biryani sells for Ksh 550, Coconut Fish with Pilau for Ksh 900, Fresh Juice for Ksh 200, Chicken Tikka for KES 400 and with Ksh 400 you get a delectable meal of pilau.

Mama Nilishe Reviews

We rate this place an 8/10. The ambience is amazing, it gives those Pwani vibes. Perfect for Friday lunch due to the fast service. The portions are huge and value for money. The food is also very flavourful and you have to try their tamarind juice, It’s to die for.

Mama Nilishe Opening Hours

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat (7 am-7 pm), Sun (closed)

Mama Nilishe Contacts

Phone: 0700 138422

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