Reasons To Go On A Balloon Safari In Masai Mara

A balloon safari is a Kenyan take on the classic hot-air balloon experience. Floating over the Mara, you are surrounded by picture-perfect African plains, illuminated by a glorious rising sun. Witnessing herds of wildebeest, towers of giraffes, or a dazzle of zebras running across the African plains a few hundred metres below you is an unforgettable experience.

When you combine breathtaking aerial views with a spectacular sunrise, you can begin to imagine the splendour of an African hot-air balloon safari. Aside from the opportunity to see breathtaking views from above, a hot-air balloon ride provides a unique blend of thrill and serenity. Here are some of the reasons you should not pass up this one-of-a-kind, incredible opportunity:

Reasons Why You Have to Try a Hot Air Balloon Safari in Masai Mara

1. A memorable adventure

Hot-air balloon safaris provide the ideal combination of breathtaking scenery, enchanting sounds, and the thrill of being in the air. You take off at Little Governors Camp launch ground and fly along the meandering Mara River, passing through the marshy grounds in search of wildlife.

2. A variety of wildlife sightings.

While on the safari, you may be lucky enough to see elephants, zebras, giraffes, and other wildlife grazing on grasslands or lounging in the shade. It’s different viewing wildlife from above, and the pilot might fly too low for you to get a closer look.

3. Enjoy nature at its best

Witnessing the sunrises from the sky in all their beauty is something that words cannot describe. You feel so blessed to be able to witness how nature paints the sky with its colours, which you will never have been able to experience on ground level. The hot air balloon typically takes off before sunrise, allowing you to witness the majestic sight of the sun around 6:30 to 6:45 am, which is the usual sunrise time for Masai Mara.

4. The bush and champagne breakfast

Breakfasting in the middle of nowhere is so much fun! After an hour-long flight, you are treated to a delicious breakfast complete with champagne and freshly made omelettes. The feeling of being in such an untouched spot surrounded by nature and animals can’t be replicated.

5. Birdeye View of the Landscape

From the sky, you can see vast plains, distant mountains, and rivers winding their way through. This gives you a great opportunity to get an aerial view of what the landscape looks like without having to hike up mountains.

6. Professional Pilots

All pilots are experienced professionals with years of experience handling hot-air balloon safaris. The pilots are extremely knowledgeable and can give interesting facts about the area, its geography, and even some of the local people and culture.

7. Great for Photographs

Taking photographs from a hot air balloon ride is different from taking them on ground level. You get to capture stunning shots with no obstructions like trees or rocks blocking your view.

8. A memorable experience

What adds more to the adventure is getting into the basket and learning to strap yourself while hearing the roar of the fire and feeling that exciting lift as soon as it gets off the ground. This makes for a lifetime experience that you will never forget! Getting off is another adventure in itself, and you will be so excited when you reach the ground.

9. Keepsake certificate

After your safari, you receive a flight certificate, which can be kept as a memento of the amazing journey you took. This is a great memento to keep as proof that you have indeed been on an amazing journey and experienced something truly remarkable. The certificate proudly displays your name and bears the signature of the pilot.

10. It is safe

As thrilling as it may be, hot-air ballooning is also one of the safest ways to fly. This is because the balloons travel slowly, and all pilots have undergone extensive professional and international training. So you can enjoy the views while knowing you’re in safe and capable hands.

11. Benefits For Your Well-Being

One of the best things about hot-air ballooning is that it can also benefit your well-being. Not only will you feel happier during the ride, but even after the flight is over, the experience has been shown to release endorphins, increase your heart rate, and improve blood flow.

12. Go off the beaten track

Safari vehicles in Masai Mara can only operate on designated trails so as not to disturb animals. On a safari vehicle, you are limited in where you can go for game viewing. With a hot air balloon, you have the rare opportunity to go where vehicles aren’t allowed and explore the untouched areas outside the busy safari trails. If the wind is in your favour, you can float above the great river and witness the migration up close.

13. Celebrate special moments

Gift your loved ones a hot air balloon safari to celebrate special moments such as wedding anniversaries, honeymoons, birthdays, university graduations, and more. With all the accompanying thrills, a hot-air balloon safari is also a great spot for memorable marriage proposals. Couples can also try our romantic love balloon together or book it for their partners as gifts.

14. A unique game-viewing experience

With no power lines, fences, or roads, Masai Mara is one of the most beautiful areas in the world for game viewing, even from a safari vehicle. However, going on a hot-air balloon safari lets you experience uninterrupted game viewing at its best. It allows you to stay away from other safari-goers, given that safari vehicles tend to be congested in certain areas of the park where the most action is. For avid safari explorers who have been on safaris enough times, a hot-air balloon safari will add something new to their safari experience.

Balloon rides do not follow a set route as they follow the direction of the wind. That being so, each balloon ride is unique and will always offer a new experience, even for those who have gone on a balloon ride before.

15. The Great Migration

Observe the mile-long migrating trails from a hot air balloon to see herds of seasonal migrating animals. While the great migration can be viewed from the ground, having a bird’s-eye view of the migration will give you the true feel of its magnitude.

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