Nairobi Jaffrey Sports Club Parking Fee Rates

Here is the Nairobi Jaffrey Sports Club Parking Fee Rates. Nairobi Jaffery’s Sports Club is located in the leafy suburbs of Lavington, next to Jaffery’s Academy. It is a part of the 15-acre parcel of land owned by the Jaffery community and also includes a cricket pitch, volleyball court, and indoor arena. Apart from the school, the community also has a mosque.

The Nairobi Jaffery Sports Club is a great place to spend your weekend with exercise and sports activities, while your kids can enjoy themselves at the playground. You can also treat your kids to delicious snacks at the Sports Club Café and then they can cheer you on as you exercise around the track. The green open field is also perfect for your kids to run and play on the grass. It’s worth noting that entry into Nairobi Jaffery Sports Club is free, but car parking is charged.

The Nairobi Jaffery’s Sports Club is an exclusive facility open to members of the public who want to keep fit. The club has no set time limit as to when one should exercise. Cars start driving as early as 5 am to as late as 9 pm. The floodlights offer strollers a great opportunity to catch up with their daily routine under the dark clouds.

In 2009, the club invested in a professional walking track worth $125,000 (about Ksh10 M) – a spongy path – raising its value to professional standards. The spongy path cushions one from accidents that may occur during workouts. One can also walk barefoot with minimal risk of injuries or pain. The club has slowly risen to become an integral part of life for residents of Lavington and the surrounding estates who frequent the place. The clientele is made up of distinguished members of our society. Including members of parliament and cabinet ministers.

For starters, pets are not allowed in the field. Loud music is a total no-no and alcohol consumption is not welcomed. Skimpy sporty outfits are also not permitted. As for shoes, sports shoes with grips work are acceptable. However, spiky shoes and heels are discouraged because they damage the walking surface.

If you have reservations about bringing kids along, there is a children’s playing park where they can spend their time as you work out your muscles. Those thinking of a place to play volleyball or cricket with friends or family can lease the field for Ksh 2,500 for two and a half hours while photo shots for weddings cost Ksh 5,000. Jaffery’s Sports Club also added a football pitch to its list of sporting facilities. The pitch is available for hire for between Ksh 2000 to Ksh 6000 an hour.

Nairobi Jaffrey Sports Club Parking Charges

Duration Parking Fee
0-15 Mins Free
15 Mins-2 Hrs Ksh 70
2-3 Hrs Ksh 150
3-4 Hrs Ksh 250
4-5 Hrs Ksh 400
5-6 Hrs Ksh 600
6Hrs Onwards Ksh 300 per Hour

Nairobi Jaffery Sports Club Contacts

Phone: 0733 786057

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