Kit Mikayi Entrance Fees

In this article, we will look at Kit Mikayi Entrance Fees. Kit-Mikayi is a rock formation, a tor, around 40 m high situated about 29 km west of Kisumu City. It is about 1 km from the Kisumu-Bondo road. The sign board is on the gate of Kit Mikayi primary school and the entrance is via N’gop-Ngeso primary school. Kit-mikayi means “the stone of the first woman”, or “stone of the first wife”, in Dholuo, the Luo language.

Kit Mikayi can be visited on guided tours to learn more about its history and cultural significance. Because it is surrounded by beautiful scenery, the rock is also a popular spot for picnics and other outdoor activities. Climbing the rocks to the top is an exciting adventure. When you hike down, a group of women will perform a traditional dance for you. It has also become a popular local pilgrimage site for members of the Legio Maria sect, who come to the rock for several weeks at a time to pray and fast.

What Happened In Kit Mikayi

An old man named Ngeso once fell in love with the stone. He could get up early and walk into the cave created by the stone. He stayed there for a long time, forcing his wife to bring him breakfast and lunch every day he went there. Ngeso could go to the cave every day and when his fellow elders come seeking for him at his home, the wife could tell them he has gone to visit his first wife ‘Mikayi’ hence the name ‘Kit Mikayi’. As a result, the stone was Ngeso’s first wife.

The arrangement of the stones reflects the Luo community’s cultural polygamous nature. The first wife’s house, ‘Mikayi,’ is in the centre and the largest, with the third wife’s house, ‘Reru,’ on its left side. The second wife’s ‘Nyachira’ house is on the right side of the homestead.

The stone also represents a nuclear family, as seen in the Luo community, with the father, Ngeso, being the middle stone, followed by the first wife (Mikayi), the second wife (Nyachira), and the third wife (Nyachira) (Reru). The first son, who represents ‘Simba,’ the house of the firstborn boy in the homestead, is at the farthest end. Locals in Seme village, Kisumu county, where ‘Kit Mikayi’ is located, regard the stone as a sacred place where prayers are held whenever the village is troubled.

Kit Mikayi Entry Fees

The entrance fee to Kit Mikayi is Ksh 150.


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