Butterfly Pavilion Mombasa Entrance Fees

The Butterfly Pavilion in Mombasa also known as Bamburi Nature Trails is part of the Haller Park conservation by the Bamburi Cement Factory Mombasa. The pavilion is a tropical paradise that is home to over 16 different species of butterflies as well as various antelope. The nature trails are set on over 80 acres of lush green land home to a diverse array of plant and animal species. Whether you’re a nature lover, an adventure seeker, or simply looking for a peaceful escape, Bamburi Nature Trails has something for everyone. 

The trails themselves are well-maintained and offer various routes, ranging from short, easy walks to longer, more strenuous hikes. As you make your way through the courses, you’ll be surrounded by towering trees, vibrant flowers, and chirping birds, all of which contribute to the serene atmosphere of the park. In addition to the trails, there are several picnic areas where you can take a break and enjoy a snack or a meal and a lake home to a variety of fish and waterfowl.

While you won’t see any large predators, you will have the opportunity to see many other animals, including monkeys, bush babies, and over 140 species of birds. The park is also home to several plant species, many of which are native to Kenya and can only be found in this region.

Butterfly Pavilion Mombasa Location

The Butterfly Pavilion Mombasa is located along the Mombasa-Malindi in Bamburi. It’s situated on the Bamburi Cement Factory premises. The pavilion is 10 km from the Mombasa Island CBD. The park is conveniently located close to the City Mall in Nyali. It’ll take about 25 minutes to drive from the Mombasa International Airport. There are two entrances to the Butterfly Pavilion: you can access the butterfly pavilion from the highway or the Bamburi cement entrance.

Things To Do At Butterfly Pavilion Mombasa

Some of the things you can do at the Butterfly Pavilion in Mombasa include:

  1. Take an educative trip around the pavilion as you observe a variety of butterflies and learn the intricate details about them. The butterfly species are from around the world.
  2. Take a guided tour of the surrounding Haller Park. Haller Park houses tens of animals rescued by Haller Park Conservation.
  3. Take a tour of the insect exhibit and learn about various insect species.
  4. You can take a walk to the reptile section of the park and view the snakes, tortoises, and crocodiles at the reptile park.
  5. Have a moment to explore the botanical gardens and learn about different plant species in the park.
  6. Play Park: the venue provides a play park convenient for events such as parties or team building. It’s ideal for kid activities as it has swings and slides.

Butterfly Pavilion Mombasa Entrance Fees

Citizen – Kenya Charges
Adult Ksh 250
Child Ksh 150
Residents – East Africa Charges
Adult Ksh 300
Child Ksh 200
Non-Residents Charges
Adult Ksh 600
Child Ksh 300

NOTE: School trips are charged according to the stages:

  • Kindergarten and primary school children pay Ksh 200
  • The escorting teacher pays Ksh 300
  • High School and secondary school students are required to pay Ksh 250
  • Regular visitors can get a yearly pass with unlimited visits. Photographers and bloggers may be subject to additional fees for using the park as a photo shoot or blogging venue.

Butterfly Pavilion Mombasa Opening Hours

8:00 am to 4:30 pm, daily. Visitors must leave the park by 6:00 pm

Butterfly Pavilion Mombasa Contacts

Phone: +254 724 255299 or +254 726 777770 or 0702912034 (Reception)

Email: hallerpark@hallerpark.org

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