Shimba Hills National Reserve Entrance Fees

This article will look at the Shimba Hills National Reserve Entrance Fees. Shimba Hills National Reserve is a small National Reserve in Kenya’s former Coast Province, 33 kilometres from Mombasa and 15 kilometres from the coast. The reserve is made up of coastal rainforest, woodland, and grassland.

This reserve is home to the highest density of African elephants in Kenya and is one of the most extensive coastal forests in East Africa after Arabuko-Sokoke Forest. Endangered Sable antelope, elephant shrew, bushy-tailed mongoose, and other small mammals such as fruit bats are also found in the area. The forest is an important bird area with forest birdlife, whereas the grasslands are home to localized species such as red-necked-Spur fowl, Croaking Cisticola, and Zanzibar Red Bishop. There are also the scenic Sheldrick Falls, the dense Mwaluganje Forest, and four campsites.

To see the forest’s birdlife, Kenya Wildlife Service offers guided walks to Sheldrick Falls. Compared to African savannahs, game drives in the reserve are more challenging because it is harder to spot animals. Since Shimba Hills National Reserve is the only place in Kenya where you can see Sable Antelope and where you can take guided forest walks up to the breathtaking Sheldrick Falls, a safari game drive there can be very rewarding.

Other wildlife that can be found at Shimba Hills includes Giraffes, Leopard, Genet, Civet cats, Hyenas, Waterbuck, Bush pigs, Buffalo, African Bush Babies, Bushbuck, Coastal Black and white Colobus, Blue Duiker, Bush Duiker, Red Duiker, Greater Galago, Black-faced Vervet Monkey, Sykes Monkey, Serval cat, Black, and Red Shrew, and Knob-bristled Suni Shrew. 111 bird species have been recorded, of which 22 are coastal endemic among them are Ostrich Eagle, African Hawk; Falcon, Cuckoo; Guinea-fowl, Kenya Crested; Honeyguide, Greater; Hornbill, Crowned; Quail, Blue; Sunbird, Uluguru.

Shimba Hills National Reserve Entry Fees

High Season (July-February)

Citizen/Resident Charges
Adult Ksh 300
Child Ksh 215
Non-Resident Charges
Adult  25 USD
Child  15 USD

Low Season (March-June)

Citizen/Resident Charges
Adult Ksh 250
Child Ksh 215
Non-Resident Charges
Adult  20 USD
Child  10 USD

Shimba Hills National Reserve Contacts

Mobile: 0704467855


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