Narok Museum Entrance Fees

This article will look at the Narok Museum Entrance Fees. The Narok Maa Museum is located in a West-North-West direction 141 km from Nairobi at the entrance of Narok town in Narok County. The Maa Museum was formerly a Community hall, which was transformed into a Museum comprising an office, collection room and exhibition gallery.

Narok Museum exhibits focus on Maasai cultural heritage as well as that of Maa-speaking cultures such as the Samburu, Njemps, and Ndorobo peoples. The gallery’s exhibitions include 24 reproductions of Joy Adamson’s paintings, which depict the traditional lifestyle of Maa speakers. This collection was curated from her extensive collection of vibrant ethnographic portraits. Eight black and white photographs were taken by Joy Adamson in Maasai land (Narok, Loita, and Amboseli) are displayed in the gallery, adding to the exhibit’s historical significance. The exhibition’s heart is also a collection of cultural artefacts.

Narok Maa Museum Entry Fees

Citizen – Kenya Charges
Adult Ksh 200
Below 16 years Ksh 100
Residents – East Africa Charges
Adult Ksh 600
Below 16 years Ksh 400
Non-Residents Charges
Adult  Ksh 1200
Below 16 years  Ksh 600

Narok Museum Contact

Phone: 020 2014533

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