Marafa Hell’s Kitchen Entrance Fees

This post focuses on Marafa Hell’s Kitchen Entrance Fees. Marafa Hell’s Kitchen also known as Marafa Depression is one of the best-kept secrets along the Kenyan coast. A hidden gem that stands in magnificence, leaving anyone who sees it in awe.

This hidden gem is located 40km from Malindi, in the quiet town of Marafa. The place is known locally as “Nyari” which is Giriama (a native language in the coastal region of Kenya) which translates to “The place broken by itself”. This is because the depression formed naturally over thousands of years through harsh weather. Surprisingly, the gorges often take shapes as if someone sculpted them.

Today it is a beautiful sandstone canyon with colorfully layered gorges. The colors range from white, pink, orange, and crimson making it a wonderful sight, especially at sunset. The place earned the name hell’s Kitchen because it can get up to 50°C during the day. Marafa Hell’s Kitchen is managed by the local Giriama community, with steep admission costs going into village programs.

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How Far is Marafa From Malindi?

Hell’s Kitchen is located in Marafa, a town approximately 45 minutes from Malindi Town. If using public transport, you will board a matatu to Marafa at the stage located in Malindi’s old town’s market. The matatu will cost you Ksh 250. Once you alight, you can walk to the place or take a boda boda for Ksh 50.

If using private means, just type Hell’s Kitchen Marafa on Google Maps and it will take you to the gate.

Marafa Hell’s Kitchen Myth

While scientists say Hell’s Kitchen is a result of geological formations, the local community attributes it to divine wrath. Many myths exist to explain how it came to be. The most common is that the land was once owned by a rich man. He owned much livestock, as well as many wives and children. He was arrogant and boastful. To separate himself from the rest of the community, he and his family started bathing in milk, since he had plenty. Leaving the rest of the community languishing in poverty. Because of their extravagance, the gods were angered by this and sent an earthquake that destroyed his home. Thereafter, the bodies of his family were dragged to the sea to be fish food. That is why the gorge is colored. White represents the milk, red represents the bloodshed and the other multiple colors represent the household items.

The gorges are also used as a prayer site where Kaya (shrine) elders give offerings to God.

Marafa Hell’s Kitchen Entrance Fees

Kenyan Citizens/ Residents – East Africa Charges
Adult Ksh 200
Below 18 years Ksh 100
Non-Residents Charges
Adult Ksh 500
Below 18 years Ksh 250

Note: To properly enjoy the tour, it is recommended that you get a guide. Getting a guide will cost you Ksh 500 for the whole group. That is if you are alone you will pay Ksh 500 and if you are 20 people you will still pay Ksh 500.

Best Time To Visit Marafa Hell’s Kitchen

Visit Hell’s Kitchen early morning or after 2:30 pm. The place gets very hot during the day, and by hot, it means 50° hot. It is therefore strongly advised to visit later in the afternoon when temperatures are slightly lower to fully enjoy the experience.

Marafa Hell’s Kitchen Opening Hours

Open from 6 am to 7 pm, just in time to catch the sunset and grab a refreshing drink.

Marafa Hell’s Kitchen Contacts

Contact: +254 725 082464, Julius (He is a really good guide)

Being at the Marafa depression is peaceful and you should make sure you add it to your bucket list. Sit down, sip a drink, and watch as the sun sets on the beautiful canyon. If you are lucky you will get to see the baboons that have made the canyon their home.

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