Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) Parking Rates

In this article, we will look at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) parking rates. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) is Kenya’s busiest and largest airport, serving as a gateway to the rest of the world. Its journey began as the Embakasi Airport, later renamed Nairobi International Airport, and now it stands proudly as JKIA, a symbol of Kenya’s growing prominence in global aviation.

It is managed by the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA), an autonomous national government body. With over 40 passenger airlines, JKIA is home to Kenya Airways, the top-rated airline that serves a large number of domestic and international passengers.

You must first get to the airport before boarding your flight. Many people prefer to drive themselves to the airport and leave their cars parked in short-stay and long-stay airport parking lots rather than take ride-hailing cabs and taxis.

JKIA Parking Zones

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) has a sufficient number of parking spaces to accommodate large numbers of cars at once. There are express parking lots (closest to the terminals) and remote parking lots that are within walking distance of the departure lounge.

Express parking lots are typically more expensive than those in undesignated areas due to their convenient location and proximity to entry and exit points, and there are both covered and uncovered options. A quick 20–30 minute stop will cost you Ksh 250 in the Express lot. But if you’re okay with a bit of a walk and want to save some cash, the remote lot is your friend. It costs Ksh 150, which is Ksh 100 less for a similar duration.

How to Pay JKIA Parking Charges using M-PESA

Parking at JKIA is not just about finding a spot. It’s also about how you pay for it. JKIA has embraced technology to make this part a breeze. Let’s walk through the steps:

  1. Dial 48612# on your Safaricom line and hit call.
  2. A prompt titled “JKIA Parking Payment” pops up.
  3. Enter your parking ticket number and press send.
  4. The amount you owe shows up. Just select send.
  5. Lastly, enter your M-Pesa PIN.

NOTE: JKIA also introduced a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip system. This nifty technology scans your vehicle details for a quick and smooth passage through the airport. No more fumbling with tickets or waiting in long lines. It’s like having a fast pass to parking ease.

Maximum Parking Duration Limit at JKIA

There’s a cap of 14 days. This limit ensures there’s always enough space for everyone. Plus, it deters people from leaving their cars at the airport for too long. If your car overstays, it’ll be towed away. 

New JKIA Parking Rates
Duration Saloon Cars, Minivans, and Pickups Buses and Trucks
0 – 30 minutes Ksh 100 Ksh 150
30 minutes – 1 hour Ksh 150 Ksh 200
1 hour – 2 hours Ksh 200 Ksh 300
2 hours – 4 hours Ksh 300 Ksh 400
4 hours – 8 hours Ksh 400 Ksh 500
8 hours – 12 hours Ksh 500 Ksh 750
12 hours – 24 hours Ksh 750 Ksh 1,000
Above 24 hours Ksh 1,000 Ksh 1,250

These are the charges for parking vehicles at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport’s Parking Garage, Terminal 2, and Cargo Area.

The parking rates at the drop-off and pick-up points for taxis, cabs, and shuttles are as follows;

Duration Charges
0 – 20 minutes Ksh 100
20 minutes – 40 minutes Ksh 250
40 minutes – 1 hour Ksh 350
1 hour – 2 hours Ksh 500

The above JKIA parking charges are strictly for drop-and-pick-up zones, and a vehicle is allowed for only a maximum of 2 hours; failure to do so will attract a clamping fee of Ksh 1000. Also, the lost ticket fee will be Ksh 1000.

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