Jangwani Camp Sagana Activities And Prices

This article focuses on Jagwani Camp Sagana Activities and Prices. Jangwani Camp is a hidden paradise found within the rifts of Murang’a county. The scenery is breathtaking and takes you aback when you first set eyes upon it, endowed with an enormity of attractions and fun-filled thrilling activities.

The entrance of the camp is sheltered by a waterfall which flows gently over the Sagana river on the unique rock formations bringing one to a place of peace and tranquillity with the surroundings. The feel of cool fresh air and magnificent views are quite relaxing and refreshing with the onrush of the scenery-air, waterfalls, vegetation and people.

Jangwani Camp Activities

The unique activity to indulge in is Camping and Picnics around the lake’s ground which are popular for holding barbecue parties, team building activities, outdoor events, bonfires and private parties. The breathtaking waterfall’s soothing sound is nature’s ultimate lullaby as the water falls into the lake throughout the camp. Enjoy the adventurous sport that will have you paddle and float on a raft on River Sagana, with the help of Jangwani’s professional rafting guide you will be given instructions and guided through this adrenaline-inducing adventure. Rafting is suitable for everyone, from beginners to experts.

1. Ziplining

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Their zipline crosses the river and takes you past the waterfall. It’s an exciting adventure with a breathtaking view of the river. Enjoy the adventure with expert guides. It’s only a short zipline, but it’s a lot of fun.

Price: Ksh 2,000 per guest

2. Boat Riding

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The boat ride allows you to sail close to our waterfalls and be one with magnificent water life.

Price: Ksh 1,000 per guest

3. Nature walks

Explore the rich valleys of Murang’a county where the Mau Mau settled. The nature walks vary from river trails, irrigation trails, and canyon trails. The various sceneries allow you to explore the unique bird, animal and tree species.

Price: Ksh 500 per guest

4. Full Rafting

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For those of you who enjoy an adrenaline rush, Jangwani also provides white water rafting down the Sagana River. Depending on the season, you would be able to visit caves, and even plunge from other waterfalls along the way. In addition, there are natural slides, floating downstream, and other various amounts of creative activities that will be adapted to the journey.

Price: Ksh 6,000 per guest

5. Archery

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Do you have what it takes to become the next skilled archer? This game is all about aim and focus, you just need to be ready to have some serious fun and learn how to shoot some arrows while at it. Hitting the bull’s eye depends on how much fun you want to have, the more times you miss the more fun you have trying to nail it.

Price: Ksh 1,000 per guest

6. Simple Rafting

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Jangwani provides rafting for beginners in front of the scenic Jangwani falls. This rafting is not only for beginners but also perfect for a team-building activity, as it allows you to work together with your peers to achieve a common goal—an adventurous swim into a small cave behind our biggest fall.

Price: Ksh 2,000 per guest

7. Kayaking

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Jangwani’s certified guides offer kayaking adventures on the Sagana River for all skill levels, with opportunities to battle rapids, slide down natural water slides, and connect with nature.

Price: Ksh 3,000 per guest

8. Swimming

This is the perfect activity for those of you who just want to relax and enjoy a nice swim at Jangwani for a day. The swimming area is located in front of the camp. Additionally, if you are seeking some more excitement, you can always plunge from the biggest waterfall into the water, fully protected, and safe.

Price: Ksh 1,000 per guest

9. Camping

Jangwani Camp offers a restaurant within its facilities and provides comfortable tents laid on the lush green bed of grass. On one side of the tent, where the entry faces, is a series of waterfalls, and on the other, a rocky hill that you can climb to catch a magnificent sun setting over the falls. A bonfire is set up in the evening. They keep adding wood and so there was no question of running out of fire. There are luxurious tents, and self-catering options or in-house catering services. The facilities and range of activities present the scenery as a good place to have weekend getaways for team building, family gatherings, reunions, and birthdays among others.

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Jangwani Camp Rates Per Night

Jangwani Camp prices are pocket-friendly.

  • Own Camping – Ksh 2,000 pp
  • Tent Plus – Ksh 5,000 pp
  • Dome Tent – Ksh 3,000 pp
  • Luxury Units – Ksh 12,000 pp
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Jangwani Camp Contacts

If you’re planning your next adventure, contact Jangwani Camp at info@jangwani.co.ke or +254 712 749330 to book your stay.

Note: Luxurious tents are always in high demand, so it is advisable to book early. Pack some camping essentials such as bug spray, sleeping bags, kids’ wellies or rain boots and waterproof clothing-camping fleece, waterproof pants and socks, swimming gear (if you plan to swim) plus a camping lamp or flashlight.

Jangwani Camp Sagana Contacts

Phone: +254 796 261 950

Email: info@jangwani.co.ke

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