Govan Laikipia Holiday Home (Review)

In this article, we will look at Govan Laikipia Holiday Home. This rustic farmhouse is modern with a twist of cabin living snuggled between Narumoro and Nanyuki in Central Kenya that’s ideal for a quiet getaway. The architectural design of this house is interesting, it looks like a log cabin which has been built using stones. The house is neither very big nor small it is just the right size. The construction has been well executed and all the rooms have adequate lighting.

Image © Govan Laikipia Holiday Home
Image © Govan Laikipia Holiday Home

The ambience of the place is very relaxing. It is extremely quiet and you have a whole lot of space to yourself. You can also enjoy views of Mount Kenya from some parts of the property. The furniture and fittings in this house are well done. All the woodwork in the house is done using mahogany wood and the workmanship here is top notch. The furniture is very comfy from the seats to the beds.

Image © Govan Laikipia Holiday Home

The villa is composed of 2 separate bedrooms, a 76-inch smart-screen television in the living room with a wireless Bluetooth speaker, and a wood fireplace. as well as a 55-inch smart-screen television in the outdoor dining room. The quality of pictures on the TV is crisp and the internet speed is amazing. The outdoor dining room has a huge wooden table to comfortably host a group of 10. It is also equipped with a wooden fireplace. Watch sports or listen to music as you cosy up in front of the fire and enjoy your meal.

Image © Govan Laikipia Holiday Home

There is an outdoor built-in grill with a grill, oven and a cooker. You either use wood or charcoal. Firewood is provided at an additional minimal cost within the property. The kitchen is also dotted with Bosch appliances. If you visit make a point of asking the housekeeper to show you how to use some of them because you might end up stranded.

Image © Govan Laikipia Holiday Home
Image © Govan Laikipia Holiday Home

There are a lot of decorative details all around the house. Every side of the house has some amazing pieces of art. This includes some wood carvings, paintings and framed quotes.

There is a daytime housekeeper who will sort out any of your cleaning needs. She also doubles as the kitchen staff and can perfectly cook normal meals.

The farm has a lot of domestic animals such as Boer goats, peacocks, pigs, guinea pigs, chickens, rabbits and fish. The farm hand is very knowledgeable. Expect to learn a lot about farming from him.

Note: Please bring warm clothing as the nights can be chilly.

Govan Laikipia Holiday Home Rates

This Farm House costs Ksh 22,000 per night and accommodates up to four guests

Govan Laikipia Holiday Home Activities

Goat grilling is a common activity. If you’d like to participate in the slaughtering and grilling as well as the traditional brew (Muratina), all these can arrange within the property.

Guests at this Holiday Home may also take up various activities such as hiking, cycling, playing pool, rock climbing, chilling in the garden and touring the farm. With Bantu Lodge nearby, the possibilities are unlimited. They may also visit the Mau Mau caves, Ol Pegeta Conservancy, and Aberdare National Park as well as flower and coffee farms in the Mount Kenya area.

Govan Laikipia Holiday Home Contacts

You can contact them on their page Govan Laikipia or website

You can as well call them on 0112 490899 or Email

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