Best Nyama Choma Joints Along Thika Road

Here is a list of the best Nyama Choma joints along Thika Road. Nairobi is known for its delicious Nyama Choma, which is grilled meat. These establishments are known for their great ambience and delicious grilled meats. Keep in mind that the best place for Nyama Choma can be subjective, so it’s always a good idea to ask locals for their recommendations as well.

Nyama Choma dish is simply grilled meat of either beef, chicken, pork or goat meat. Its origin is mostly from the Maasai people, who have great prowess in making the dish. It involves grilling the meat under low/medium heat. The most popular accompaniments for the food are either ugali, mukimo (traditional Kikuyu dish), fries, and a side of kachumbari (salsa).

In no particular order, here are the best Nyama Choma Joints along Thika Road

List Of Best Nyama Choma Joints Along Thika Road

1. Kamakis Palace

Kamakis is a popular destination for many, known for being one of the area’s most highly regarded Nyama Choma joints. It’s conveniently located along Thika Road, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Just pack up your car and indulge in the delicacy. The place has several makeshift structures where mostly beef, mutton, pork, and chicken roasted meat are sold at reasonable prices. If you’re on a journey, this is one of the ideal places to grab some grilled takeaway meat. And don’t forget to try some mutura. You can order any amount of the tasty delicacy and enjoy the deliciousness. Choose an accompaniment of your choice and a side of salsa, with or without chilli.

2. Jambo Grill

Jambo Grill is a popular destination for Nyama Choma along Thika Road. They have been operational for several years and have carved a niche for themselves. The menu is diverse with a variety of options, catering to everyone’s needs. From the typical nyama choma to grilled pork ribs, every bite is savoury, accompanied by sides like french fries, masala fries, mukimo, and ugali. To complement the delicious food, they offer a variety of drinks from the bar area. Jambo Grill is open every day from 7 am to 9 pm.

3. Homeland

Located near the Garden City Mall, Homeland Inn is equally a popular stop for Nyama Choma lovers for its affordable prices. You can simply walk in without the need to book a table. Their Mbuzi Choma is not only delicious but also tender and fresh. However, it can get quite busy on weekends and you may not find a seat. But don’t worry, there are other options available that offer similar, if not better, Nyama Choma.

With outdoor seating where you can enjoy the weather and fresh air. The food is savoury, and guests are allowed to choose how they want it cooked, whether well done or rare. There’s a bar area within the restaurant, serving a variety of drinks to go with the food. You can enjoy music to keep you entertained throughout your meal.

4. Safari Park Hotel

It is a restaurant that has a similar setting to The Carnivore Restaurant, where you can enjoy different types of meat until you can’t have any more. In addition, you will have the pleasure of watching the Safari Cats Dancers. The restaurant is located along Thika Road, after exiting at exit 7 from Nairobi CBD, you need to pass Mountain Mall and keep going until you see their nice signage. The Nyama Choma they serve is not only delectable but also uniquely marinated. Safari Park allows customers to choose prime steaks, and succulent chicken before they are roasted.

In case you are looking for an upscale and chic Nyama Choma joint that is located in a calm atmosphere, the Nyama Choma Ranch at Safari Park Hotel should be on your bucket list. This is a must-visit spot for meat lovers.

5. Club Teras

The place is located off Kamiti Road and along Mirema Road. It’s a tranquil hideout with some of the most scrumptious Nyama Choma along Thika Road. Although the setting is simple, it’s quite popular with the locals and sometimes attracts revellers from different areas. There are new joints within the neighbouring Teras Club, providing you with all the options you may need. However, most weekends, the joints fill up from 2 pm onwards.

7. CEO Joint Club and Restaurant

Located in Githurai 44, near the railway bridge, this facility has received excellent reviews for its delicious nyama choma and impeccable service. Their focus on meeting customers’ needs and maintaining a high level of cleanliness and hygiene makes it a worthwhile destination. Make sure to order their popular nyama choma dish, served with either ugali or mukimo and vegetables. If you’re in the mood for soup, they have some hot options that are sure to satisfy your cravings. The club area occasionally hosts live performances, featuring Kikuyu artists playing mugithi songs, which is an experience you won’t want to miss.

8. Kipipiri Butchery and Restaurant

Located in the Kalimoni area, there is a hidden gem that should be on your list of go-to places for some delicious nyama choma and top-notch service. The ambience is great and will immediately put you at ease. The food is nothing short of impressive, with a wide variety of accompaniments offered, including a complimentary cup of soup to keep you warm. If you’re looking for a place to hang out with a group, this location is perfect for group retreats. Sports lovers will be happy to know that massive screens are streaming live games while you indulge in your meal.

9. Wakalucy Fish Palace

Wakalucy Fish Palace, located off Thika Road and along the Eastern Bypass, is not only known for its delicious seafood but also for its amazing Nyama Choma. The Nyama Choma offered here is fresh, juicy, and finger-licking good. This place is a Nyama Choma haven that also serves traditional drinks like chai (tea), local beers, and soft drinks, which can complement the Nyama Choma experience. The restaurant is open daily from 8 am to 8 pm.

10. Quiver Lounge and Grill

Quiver Lounge is located along the Thika Road Superhighway, opposite Garden City Mall.  Quiver Lounge and Grill is an excellent place to indulge in succulent, well-seasoned and flavorful Nyama Choma. The courteous and efficient service staff are very attentive and swift, making it a great place to dine. The Nyama Choma joint also serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, which enhances the whole experience.

The meat is tender, expertly prepared, well-marinated and pocket-friendly. Thousands of clients visit Quiver Lounge daily to pounce on their Nyama and leave the grills empty.

11. Greenspot Gardens

Greenspot Gardens is situated just off Thika Road along the Eastern Bypass. This place is known for its delicious nyama choma, as several vendors compete with one another to offer the best goat thigh. The atmosphere at Green Spot is particularly lively on weekends, when the vendors, dressed in their white aprons, work tirelessly to keep up with the demand for their grilled meats. The air is thick with smoke from the grills as they sizzle away, adding to the overall ambience of the place.

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